Research Projects

Visiting Fellows

Whether you're a visiting fellow or grad student, let the Marine Science Center be your "base camp". We have local connections and provide local knowledge to help you with your research.

Dolphin Research Study

Project Pod was originally established in 1995, has three research objectives based on the hypothesis that there exists a resident bottlenose dolphin population in Estero Bay. Our objectives are to 1. To investigate the population of bottlenose dolphins in Estero Bay. 2. To catalogue this population. The same animals are consistently being seen within the eight mile search radius of the Project, suggesting that they do indeed reside within these waters rather than just passing through. How large the population is - is still in the process of being determined. At present, thirty-six individual animals have been identified. and 3. To record and document the sonar emissions of this population and relate these sounds to specific activity. Click to learn more about Project Pod.

Mission Manatee

Mission Manatee is a program to investigate the Estero Bay manatee population and to record and document behavior, scarring, and migration patterns. Through education, we plan to create an awareness and understanding of our endangered manatee. Click to learn more about Mission Manatee Project.

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