Become part of the science! When out on the water, dining waterside or just out for a stroll, take a picture of the dolphins and let us know when and where you observed the Fort Myers Beach area bottle nose dolphins.

Observe from a distance. Remember it is against federal law to feed or harass wild dolphins. Swimming with or feeding dolphins can be dangerous for both human and dolphin and should not be attempted. The NOAA Fisheries Service warns that disruption of normal behavior and activities can ultimately harm these mammals. Human/dolphin swim with and feeding interactions increases their risk of injury from boats, increases the incidents of entanglement in fishing gear to the point of being a nuisance to anglers, decreases their willingness to forage for food and may cause habituated behaviors to be passed on to calves and other dolphins. Inappropriate non-food items, contaminated food and food meant for human consumption can jeopardize the health of this species. Dolphin are also known to become aggressive to humans when seeking food or defending their territories in areas where feeding or swimming practices occur.

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